â–·How To Reclaim Your Weekends With Artificial Grass Coronado?

Ways To Reclaim Your Weekends With Artificial Grass In Coronado

How To Reclaim Your Weekends With Artificial Grass Coronado?Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular, not only for providing a lush and beautiful outdoor area for homeowners but also for giving them back their weekends. Installing this low-maintenance alternative to real grass can free up your time to do the things you’d rather be doing on the weekend instead of mowing the lawn. Here are seven ways artificial grass can help you reclaim your weekends:

  • Traditional grass requires frequent mowing—which takes more time than many people realize. Artificial turf eliminates that chore once and for all! This frees up valuable hours on Saturday mornings so you can take in a round of golf or catch an early movie with friends.
  • Keeping natural grass healthy requires regular watering. Artificial turf eliminates this step while still providing a beautiful green space that’s always ready to use. That’s more time you get back each weekend!
  • To keep natural grass in top condition, it needs to be fertilized periodically. This chore can take up several hours on summer weekends—time that could be better spent exploring the great outdoors with family and friends. With artificial grass, those hours are yours again!
  • Weeds are persistent pests that require regular attention from homeowners who want their yards looking pristine. With artificial turf, weeds won’t stand a chance and you can spend your Saturdays doing something else instead of weeding.
  • Natural grass is the perfect home for many kinds of pests, from moles to gophers. Artificial turf prevents these critters from taking up residence in your yard—and it doesn’t require pesticides or other toxic substances to repel them either. That’s more time you can enjoy on the weekends instead of chasing down bugs!
  • Artificial grass provides a durable and safe surface for sports such as football, soccer, and lacrosse—so you can take advantage of any nice days that come your way without fear of ruining your lawn. Plus, its drainage system helps keep games going even after rainstorms have passed through!
  • Artificial grass makes for a great outdoor living space for hosting parties. It’s comfortable underfoot and can easily be decorated with furniture, lights, and other festive decorations to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about someone spilling something and staining the grass!


Why Do You Sprinkle Sand On Artificial Grass?

Sprinkling sand on artificial grass helps to keep the blades upright, improve drainage, and fill in any low areas. It also helps to weigh down the turf so that it won’t move around when people walk or play on it.

Can You Vacuum Your Artificial Grass?

Yes, you can vacuum your artificial grass to help remove dirt and debris. You should use a motorized brush or sweeper on the lowest setting to avoid damaging the blades of the turf. If you have pet waste, make sure to use an enzyme-based cleaner to break down bacteria before vacuuming.

Can You Pour Boiling Water On Artificial Grass?

No, pouring boiling water on artificial grass can damage the turf and should be avoided. If you need to clean your turf of any stains or spills, use a mild detergent and warm water instead. Make sure to rinse off the soap after you’ve cleaned the area with a hose or bucket of water.


It is easy to see why artificial grass is a great way to reclaim your weekends. With no mowing, watering, or fertilizing required, you can spend your Saturdays doing the things you enjoy most instead of spending them working on your lawn. For more information, contact Artificial Turf Coronado at (619) 486-3223.